Data Jumpstart: Put Data Quality to Work

Data Jumpstart is a fast, cloud-based data quality analysis designed to help organizations understand the impact of data quality in driving growth, increasing margins, speeding new product introductions, and maximizing the value of major initiatives such as M&A and digital transformations.


This solution includes embedded best practices, hundreds of proven data quality reports, cultivated data intelligence dashboards, and guidance from Syniti’s world-class data experts to interpret the findings. Within three weeks, businesses can expect a clear roadmap for how future data quality improvement initiatives will impact key business metrics such as EBITDA and working capital.

Read the solution brief to learn why Data Jumpstart makes sense:

  • Bad Data is Impacting Business Operations
  • Preparing for a Migration Project
  • Defining and Proving Your Data Business Case
  • Improving the Trustworthiness of Your Data

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