Bad Data is Killing Your Business Transformation Efforts

A C-Suite Guide to Stop Talking and Start Doing


In 2017, The Economist published a story titled, “The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data.” Since its publication, this assertion is no longer controversial. “Data is the new oil” has become a common refrain, and there is abundant evidence supporting this.

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  • Why CXOs claim a high level of data quality is even more important than management acumen to an enterprise's success
  • How C-level executives value data quality relative to key enterprise objectives
  • Where organizations stand on effective data management practices and their investment priorities in 2021
  • The five high-impact initiatives to take you from talking to implementing your digital transformation strategy


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The cost of bad data is staggering, but most people don’t personalize it. If you talk to a C-level executive, they’ll say they have an inventory problem or their supply chain has issues. After thousands of projects, we know that almost ninety-percent of the time it’s caused by a data problem, and solving this faster and better than competitors will be instrumental.



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