Perception Isn’t Always Reality: The Case for More Effective Data Management

The C-suite Elevates the Importance of Data Management, but Data Execution Falls Short.


2023 HFS Report


We all know that data is critical to success, yet many organizations are still struggling to access, maintain and use the data they need to drive needed business outcomes. Recent HFS research shows that a large majority of executives believe they trust their data, yet only a fraction of them state that data is actually usable. 

Data quality execution across the business needs to improve - more than 95% of executives believe their companies would be more competitive, more innovative, and able to make faster decisions if their data quality were two times better. 

So where does that leave you?

Download this report to understand:

  • The difference between trust and usability – and how better data management is key to unlocking usable data
  • Why data governance and monitoring are crucial in making data quality an operational reality in your enterprise
  • Why managing data needs to move beyond IT departments – and how to drive confidence in data for line of business users
  • Why connecting data management strategies to clear business outcomes, and prioritizing accordingly, is critical to success

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