The Complexity of Accurate Name Matching

Accurate contact matching for CRMs and party data is no easy task, especially at the scale enterprises need. Find out what you need to know about deduplication and name matching today. 

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How to Effectively Match Names in Contact Data 

Featured resource: The Complexity of Name Matching 

Data matching, especially when it comes to contact or "party" matching, is exceptionally complex.

To effectively match contact data, you need to understand the context of the full contact record – not just a single field. We have to talk about the whole contact record.

But by the time that contact record is received in the database, it’s usually been corrupted in numerous ways. Whether by lack of data quality standards, human error, or mismatched, outdated records, deduplicating and matching party data is no small feat. 

Download The Complexity of Name Matchinga free resource from Syniti for a deeper dive to learn:

  • How contact or "party" data is a uniquely challenging form of data matching
  • Why even leading enterprise are struggling to take this on at scale
  • What you need to know about name matching accurately



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